In-app messaging campaign templates

An overview of available messaging campaign templates

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Tooltip offers versatile mediums for engaging in-app messaging campaigns:  

  • Hotspots will help grab user attention and quickly serve relevant information in context of the page

  • Tooltips work well for highlighting page items to focus user attention on promoted content or hone in on desired actions

  • Popups are an industry standard for front & center campaigns. Popup campaigns can be very intrusive and should be used with caution

  • Slideouts will come handy when you want expand on user interest by presenting more information in context of the page

  • Notifications are great for short relevant promotions, like suggesting to share content or read a related content piece

  • Bars will work nicely for promo campaigns on featured pages, discounts and special offers

  • Banners are instrumental for subtle promotions of new items, such as white papers or for webinar registrations

  • Containers are designed to hold an image which can be served as a campaign. This works well if you want to use an image or GIF and lifts the constraints of other campaign templates. 

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