Does Tooltip work with Wordpress/Sitebuilders/Native web apps?

Compatibility with sites and web applications

Can I use Tooltip in multitenant web applications?

Creating campaigns across domains, subdomains and multitenant web applications

Can I create a step-by-step tour/walkthrough?

You can, but we don't recommend it. Here we discuss how you can do it, and why you shouldn't.

Does Tooltip work with native mobile apps?

Compatibility with native mobile apps

Will Tooltip slow down my site?

Tooltip and your site performance

Can I collect emails?

Embedding input fields to collect user data

Can I embed a video that's not from YouTube or Vimeo?

Embedding videos

What are Monthly Active Users (MAUs)?

How we track monthly active users

Is Tooltip GDPR compliant?

Tooltip GDPR Compliance and Privacy Policy