Can I collect emails?

Embedding input fields to collect user data

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You can add input fields to any messaging campaign template that supports buttons (popups, slideouts, bars). Click Add element and select option Input field. 

You can add multiple input fields, set their data type (email, phone, other), edit placeholders and mark them as mandatory. Collected data is stored in this campaign and can be exported from the Dashboard in CSV. Expand your campaign view and switch to the Forms tab.

Can I send submissions to Mailchimp, Sendinblue, etc.? Can you send submissions to my email? Can I get en email notification about submissions?

Unfortunately, no. We're currently working on a list of integrations to send your submissions to an email marketing service of your choice. 

However, there is a workaround. You can embed a native form from your EMS provider using an HTML Container. Mailchimp (and other EMS) provides an embeddable HTML for their forms, so you can integrate them on your web pages. 

You can use this HTML and embed the form into an HTML Container template. HTML Containers are essentially iFrames that can render HTML content. Once embedded you can trigger this form as you'd like, or link to it from another campaign.

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