Can I use Tooltip in multitenant web applications?

Creating campaigns across domains, subdomains and multitenant web applications

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If you have a product that can be hosted on different domains, you can use Tooltip across all those domains or sub-domains, as long as the page structure is the same.

When you first create a campaign, we'll ask you to create a project - a collection of in-app messaging campaigns associated with a given domain. However, you can install this same project (via its JS Player) on any number of sites. That's because our Player (JS script) looks not at the top level domain, but rather the page structure of the site. 

That way, if you create your campaigns on, it will work on or (again, as long as the page structure is the same). 

If you'd like to limit playback to specific domains only, you can do as at campaign level, by editing its page rules. 

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