Can I create a step-by-step tour/walkthrough?

You can, but we don't recommend it. Here we discuss how you can do it, and why you shouldn't.

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You can create tours or sequential campaigns by linking them together via links or buttons. See Options for Buttons & Links

Step-by-step tours DO NOT equal user onboarding. In our experience, 4 out of 5 users will either dismiss a tour right away or drop off at ~ step 3. So you'll want to keep your tours short (like Facebook and LinkedIn do, mostly to notify users that they rearranged menu items).

Tours are linear. They fail if your user goes off track, which is usually the case. We suggest creating a Slideout campaign with a short list of relevant help articles on getting started. Ideally, these would be tailored to the page or task at hand. 

You can trigger it automatically for newly signed up users, and make it available to revisit as needed.

If you're interested in true user onboarding, see our free Guide to User Onboarding or enroll in Jetway - user onboarding video course

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