Add ons

An overview of add ons that can extend your campaign functionality

Addons expand functionality within your in-app messaging campaigns and help you create various interaction scenarios. You'll find Add ons in the Media gallery, when you go to edit the image/video area in your campaign.



Add a countdown timer to your campaigns (available for Popups, Slideouts, Bars and Banners). Great for creating time-sensitive campaigns and communicating urgency to your users.

Timer settings

You can set up the timer to either:

(A) count down to a specific date & time, or

(B) begin count down from campaign launch

Option A is useful for promoting a feature launch, while option B creates urgency, motivating user to act quickly. You can customize the time format, to display remaining time in days, hours, minutes and seconds. You can also choose what happens at the end countdown. 

Options include:

  • Do nothing (display finished count down)
  • Close the campaign
  • Display an image (will replace the countdown timer)
  • Show another campaign