Display Settings

Define how often your campaign should trigger


If Triggers help you define when to show your messaging campaigns, Display options set where to do this. By combining Triggers and Display options you can create relevant, timely interactions with your users.

Toggle whether to show a campaign in Preview mode and/or Publish it to end users. By default, you'll have your messaging campaigns unpublished to users, but showing in Preview. Flip the switch to Show to users to enable playback to your site users/visitors.


3 Campaigns Rule
The golden rule is to show only one campaign per page. For best performance, we limit the number of campaigns that can be simultaneously displayed on the same page to 3 (three). Be sure to turn Preview OFF for campaigns you're not using. Otherwise, the fourth consecutive campaign will not display.

Additionally, you may also want to set how often to show a campaign, either Every time the trigger executes or Until this campaign is closed by the user. Until closed denotes any meaningful interaction, such as close or click on a link/button in the campaign.