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Settings for showing campaigns on certain web pages

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Depending on the situation you may want to show your campaign on All pages of your site, Exclude certain pages, or limit playback to Specific pages only. For the latter two options you can also add several pages by clicking the plus icon on the right. 

For page address you can define an exact URL of the page where this campaign should appear or enter a Regular Expression if you happen to generate unique addresses for pages. In that case, simple replace the variable with a *, e.g. for, enter*/page.


Cross domain playback is fully supported. As long as the page structure is the same (page URL structure, page elements triggers are linked to are in place) your campaigns will play on any domain. For this reason, when you enter a URL in the page field specifying just the part that follows the top level domain will suffice. For example, for, entering /page will suffice.

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