Define the start and end date for your campaigns


Tooltip allows you to schedule campaigns ahead of time. This may come in handy when planning your marketing activities for the holidays and busy high season. To enable campaign scheduling head to Settings > Scheduling and flip the switch to On. Then select scheduling settings.



Start and End date/time: You can schedule your campaigns to begin showing on a specific day and time. Select the date from the calendar dropdown and set the time as well as the time zone. Your campaigns can run until stopped by you or until a specified date. Use the bottom field to set the end date.


Depending on the situation you may want to show your campaigns on the specific days of the week within the set time period. In that case select Specific days of the week from the dropdown and click on the week calendar to set the days your campaign will run. The week days are denoted by their capital letter, i.e. M for Monday, and the week starts on Sunday.