Styling Options

An overview of additional styling options for various campaign templates

Depending on the campaign template, you'll have various additional styling options. These will help you alter the appearance of the campaign for different interaction scenarios. 


Slightly dims the page behind the campaign. Helps to visually highlight your message. Works well for important announcements or warning messages.


Choose whether to display the close icon in the top right corner of your messaging campaign. The logic here is that it may redundant, since you can implement the close action via a button or link. Additionally, you may want to hide this for images or videos embedded into Containers. 

COVER / PUSH PAGE (Banners & Bars)

This option applies to Banners & Bars, positioned at the top of the page. Depending on the page layout you may want your in-app message to push the page down. This way you will preserve visibility of the page elements. If you opt to cover the page, the campaign will cover the page elements. 

Another point to keep in mind - if you choose for a campaign to push the page down, it will only be visible at the top of that page. Meaning, that if user scrolls down, the campaign will not be visible when it triggers.