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Sharing access to projects with your team or clients

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Tooltip provides a way for you to share access to your projects with your colleagues or clients. You'll find this functionality in the Account tab of your Dashboard under Team (Access Management).

To grant someone access, add them as a new user via the + NEW USER button in the top right corner.

Please note that the user you're adding should have an account with Tooltip. Have them sign up for an account with Tooltip first. You'll also be prompted to do so in the resulting dialogue window.

For any user you can define two levels of access. You can allow them to both View and Edit your campaigns or View only. View and Edit access rights are limited to the selected project only. User with View and Edit rights can not add other users or control your subscription settings.

View only access grants ability to view your campaigns in Preview mode in the Editor and to review campaign performance analytics in the Dashboard. All access levels also include ability to receive weekly performance reports.

Naturally, you can edit access rights or revoke access at any time.


  • Users that have been shared access to projects will still need to go through the initial set up before they can access their account. At the very least, they will need to download the Editor in order to be access your campaigns. This will also allow them to understand how to use the Editor and work with campaigns without coming back to you or Tooltip Support team.

  • All Tooltip accounts are the same. We do not distinguish between main accounts and subaccounts. That's because a user that's been granted access to your projects, can create projects of their own.

    For this reason, the project owner must have an active Tooltip subscription for your campaigns to be displayed to users. Shared access users do not require an active subscription as long they only edit shared projects. Any other projects created in their accounts will require an active subscription. Your subscription DOES NOT cover any projects created by users that have been granted access to your projects. 

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