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Customizing the look and feel of your messaging campaigns

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Customizing your messaging campaigns is easy. Use controls in the top bar to make each message look and feel the way you want.  


Each message has several size presets that have been tailored for best viewing by end users. To resize click on the icon in the top left corner of the message and use the slider to switch between preset sizes. 


Working with text is simple and familiar. To make changes, first highlight the text fragment. Use available controls to make your text Bold, apply italics and set font family, size and color from dropdown menus. Choose from available color presets or enter the HEX code of your desired color in the provided field. Finally, use the two controls to change text alignment and embed links.  


Just like with text use the circular icon in the top bar to select the background color for the message. Choose from presets or enter the HEX code of your desired color in the provided field.  


Larger messages, like Popups, Slideouts or Bars can hold images or videos. Smaller messages, like Notifications and Banners can only hold images due to their size. Use the placeholder provided to embed an image, animated image (GIF) or a video from Youtube or Vimeo.

To embed hover on the placeholder area and click it to open an image gallery, where you'll find a selection of ready to use images, an option to upload your own, as well as recently uploaded images. We recommend using images in .png format, 512x512 pixels. However, the Editor will automatically resize larger images to fit them inside the template.

For images, you'll find several fitting options: to Center, Contain or Fill image. Depending on your image composition you can choose to have it Fill the area to the borders of the message or have the image Centered or Contained within the borders of the message.             


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