My campaign doesn't show

Troubleshooting common causes that may be preventing your campaign from appearing

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Is the Tooltip JS Player (correctly) installed on your site?  
Tooltip Player is a small snippet of JS code that needs to be installed on your site to play your campaigns. Please note that Tooltip Player needs to be installed on every page where you want to show campaigns. 

Are you using the right Player key?

Each project you create is generated a unique key. This is how Tooltip knows which campaigns to show on which site. If you have several projects, make sure you're using the right Player on your site.

But the player shows as Online

After you initially install the player on your site, its status is not updated in real time. That's because pinging your site all the time is very expensive for us. Instead, every time someone visits a page where Tooltip Player is present, it notifies the server that it's Online. The status will change to Offline if noone visits the page for more than 24 hours. 

This means that if you accidentally erase the player (happens all the time) it will not show as Offline until the next day.

Learn about Tooltip Player

Is your campaign published?
By default campaign visibility is set to show in Preview only. This is to let you preview the campaign before you start showing it to your users.

You need to Publish the campaign to start showing it on your site. See Settings > Triggers tab > Publish campaign.

Also see Editor overview and Display Settings

Clear your browser cache
Browsers save data by caching website contents. If you have recently installed the Player or just published/updated you campaign, clear your cache to ensure the browser is showing the latest version of your site.

How to clear cache in Google Chrome

Check your campaign settings

Carefully check your campaign settings. 9/10 times it's because you're not matching one of the criteria for your campaign.

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